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map your process - target your analyte

Save valuable goods and products, optimize yield and enhance quality. When everything depends on accurate predictions, some kind of magic would come in handy. High end technology gets quite close to that.

Using Raman spectroscopy, you already own all possible data on a molecular level. RAMANMETRIX® was shaped from millions of Raman experiments as data analysis pipeline software tailored for Raman spectroscopy exclusively. Equipped with an intuitive user interface, RAMANMETRIX® combines chemometrics and machine-learning techniques to make you see everything that you are looking for, be it in chemical and biochemical process analytics or microbe identification.

While RAMANMETRIX is primarily optimized for Raman spectroscopy, we have also achieved promising results with other spectroscopic techniques, such as NIR and NMR. We are eager to incorporate RAMANMETRIX for the analytical techniques you are employing as well.

RAMANMETRIX® software keeps it simple: no need for additional coding, no need for much sample preparation, applicable on all kind of devices and no need to educate every employee on statistical methods.

RAMANMETRIX® is the closest to magic when it comes to process speed, most powerful differentiation of slightest variants in shades, prediction of application success of your models and much more.


We help you every step of the way from design of experiments, building your spectral library and shaping your models, so that your process control and optimization will be just one click away.


RAMANMETRIX® by Biophotonics Diagnostics

Raman Spectroscopy provides you with all the possible data, so you need a powerful and effective software to process and explore it for your very needs. Develop the models for your specific questions and task, predict process development by training the software, get your own spectral library to speed up and reach precision that is unreached. RAMANMETRIX® is the most sophisticated specialist tool for analyzing Raman spectra.

We detect slightest variants in shades that allow you to find target substances, proteins and microbes and their concentration in your sample.

Wissenschaftler mit Mikroskop

To grant me a vision of nature's forces
That bind the world, all its seeds and sources
And innermost life—all this I shall see,
And stop peddling in words that mean nothing to me.

Goethe, Faust I


our services

we assist you with the support you need


consulting on using RAMANMETRIX® for your application


collecting your first data sets


developing and adjusting the analysis models fit


consulting about suitable Raman devices


we guarantee stable application of RAMANMETRIX® to your systems


providing prediction of your models accuracy


automising your report sheets showing the results of your tests

reliable partner

we are well connected to up-to-date research and device providers

join us and let us shape future together


Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technlogy


mibiC - fastest microbe detection, and identification technology


Centre of Sepsis Control and Care, University Hospital of Jena


University of Jena, Department of Physical Chemistry

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Get your personal access to the world of convenient Raman data analysis here.

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