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Advantages of RAMANMETRIX®

Reliable data analysis of Raman spectroscopic data can be a challenging task. RAMANMETRIX® simplifies the analysis for the user, standardizes the data processing pipeline, and helps to improve the quality of the results. It is one program for all your Raman tasks.


RAMANMETRIX® provides a standardized data processing pipeline, that also can be automated for process monitoring. The advantages are: 


  • The spectra are automatically despiked 

  • Additional stability by wavenumber and intensity calibration 

  • Robust baseline correction 

  • A selection of a few different normalization methods 

  • Quality check of the spectra 

  • Pretrained models can also be used for on-line predictions using the API 


We would be happy if you tried it out and challenged our RAMANMETRIX® with your data. Please check out the button above for a free test licence. 

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