Advantages of RamanMetrix

Reliable data analysis of Raman spectroscopic data can be a challenging task. Ramanmetrix simplifies the analysis for the user, standardizes the data processing pipeline, and helps to improve the quality of the results. It is one program for all your Raman tasks.


Ramanmetrix provides a standardized data processing pipeline, that also can be automated for process monitoring. The advantages are: 


  • The spectra are automatically despiked 

  • Additional stability by wavenumber and intensity calibration 

  • Robust baseline correction 

  • A selection of a few different normalization methods 

  • Quality check of the spectra 

  • Pretrained models can also be used for on-line predictions using the API 


We would be happy if you tried it out and challenged our Ramanmetrix with your data. Please visit check out the button above for a free test licence.