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detect your analyte, know when your process is just perfect and safe yourself time, resources and money

Our Raman spectroscopy analyst software combined with machine learning is employable to various applications. As we love to learn and to develop our software further, we would be happy to partner up with you to find solutions and optimizations in your specific industry and process.
Fast chemical analytics, most reliable bioprocess analysis, microbe specie identification.


pharmaceutical industry


medical diagnostics


chemical industry

Our analysis software is fit for supervising and intensifying bioreactor and mini-bioreactor processes, testing processes and detecting counterfeits as it is employable to all Raman devices.

Raman spectroscopic data analyst software is a core element for promising progress in in-vitro diagnosis. A lab-on-a-chip-system is in development.

Spectral libraries are unique to the processes they mirror. By building up your own you are able to map your processes on a molecular level to precisely determine when you reached the optimum of your reactions.


environment and agriculture

Eisen Tap

water industry


foods and beverages

Detect water and soil bacteria, even when they are still unknown species - control quality of natural waters, soil and organic fertilizer, measure salts - employ Raman technology to help ecosystems recover and to cultivate more sustainably - we show you how and what you need.

Water safety is your business and to show you what is happening on the process and detection level with Raman spectroscopy is ours - no cultivations are needed - look right at your analyte without needing every employee to be an expert on statistic methods or having a chemists degree.

Your processes show on a molecular level like a unique landscape each - we assist you knowing everything you seek by one look - to ensure health safety of your products and detect counterfeits - you might even discover innovations by running your spectral data through our maze.


conference posters for download

EuroPACT 2021

Poster: Raman spectroscopy & RAMANMETRIX as a Versatile Process Analytic Tool

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